Within our research activities, we have rich experience in processing various waste materials containing metals using bacterial processes. We have focused on the processing of uProcessingsed batteries (Ni-Cd, alkaline, Li-ion), as well as used printed circuit boards from computers and LED monitors, aiming to extract metals from them. We are exploring ways to utilize bacterial processes on a broad scale in the industry, including our patented process of bio-pickling of sheet metal. Our goal is to process waste with the direct production of commercially viable products. Currently, we are engaged in the production of various  


We have prepared and led popularization activities with a focus on environmental sciences for elementary and high school students in leisure centres and schools. These activities also included leading extracurricular activities for high school students. Our collaborations included working with leisure centers such as Domino in Košice and delivering lectures for high schools such as Gymnázium J.A. Komenského, Gymnázium Poštová, Gymnázium Alejová in Košice, and Secondary Health School in Košice.

Moreover, we have experience in science outreach through events 

We have over 14 years of experience in evaluating projects for various European institutions, including the European Commission, the European Science Foundation, and the Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal. Our evaluations fall under programs such as FP7 – PEOPLE-IIF-IEF-IOF in the panel Environment, H2020 within the MSCA-IF program in the Environment, WASTE, ITN, RISE, H2020-SC5-2018-2; H2020-LC-CLA-2 in both rounds, H2020-SC5-2019-2; H2020-LC-CLA-2019-2, H2020-LC-SC3-2020-RES-RIA, H2020-LC-SC3-2020-Joint-Actions-1, Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU), and project evaluations within the Horizon Europe