We are a young start-up company aiming to exploit rich experiences from research in the field of environmental biotechnologies and apply them in practice. Our activities focus on utilizing biotechnological processes in the processing of inorganic raw materials, including waste, with the intention of obtaining commercially attractive products with minimal impact on the environment. We strive to reasonably combine existing biotechnologies and develop technologies that would process the entire input material, generating as many valuable products as possible, while minimizing or eliminating waste production. Our goal is to acquire raw materials where they have not been traditionally expected – in waste and soil. This effort is particularly promising given the constantly growing shortage of critical raw materials in the industry.
In addition, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to test their ideas in our laboratory and prepare the necessary documentation for applying to European projects.
Simultaneously, we aim to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities offered by environmental biotechnologies through various outreach activities targeting both children and adults.

Our vision is to draw inspiration directly from nature and develop technologies with the elegance that nature itself would design. With huge enthusiasm, we dedicate ourselves to exploring natural principles, particularly in the field metal-microbe interactions, regardless of whether these metals are found in ores or waste. We seek ways to utilize this knowledge for the benefit of people, but with respect for other organisms.